Meet The Slice of Life Team


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Isaac frequently joins Michael at the podcast table to discuss movies and random fun news items.


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Gabe has been in a couple of episodes of the Slice of Life to deliver his expertise on Youtube animated shows like I Like Rusty Spoons (ep. 22). He also participates in one of the best debates ever: Wonderboom vs. JBL (ep. 29).


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Michael is the main host of the Slice of Life. He is a humorist at heart and loves to add spice to the podcast by bringing up funny life stories, interesting business topics; and, of course, movies.


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Ben joins the podcast quite frequently to give his thoughts on new movies always with a calm and calculated response.


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Nick has joined Michael at the podcast table quite a few times to rant about movies and more.

More coming soon...


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Caleb joins the Slice of Life every once in a while to deliver his insight on movie box office, top movies, and more.


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Noah joins the podcast, along with his younger brother Gabe, to discuss Youtube animated shows like Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (ep. 23). He also loves to talk movies and is never afraid to give his honest opinion on a film.

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